Absturmer Nuclear Hell

by Absturmer

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Recorded In Hell

Kran Ogg Minne: Punchdrums/Hellwords
Bjorn Nacht Hvistle: Bass/Hellwords
Unkle Achta Strawbeary Sodomis: Guitar

Cover Photo By Sarah Kitteringham Photography


released June 6, 1966



all rights reserved


Absturmer hell, Michigan

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Track Name: Jotuncat
Massive cat
enlarged cat
satanic cat
demonic cat

this is the cat of doom
... jotuncat
Track Name: Enter The Eternal Flamewar
Only eternal misery can save me
I tear myself away, but I am dragged back
the unseen force commands me
To reply on this board

Curses of the wizards | In utter and total catastrophic hate | I scream and howl | My butthurt on this board

For a moment the madness subsides
and I am left to deflate
but no sooner than I let down my guard
the ghost has asked if I am mad

There can be no escape | In servitude I rest | Doomed for all time | In the eternal flamewar

...thus weepsk the nightspirit
Track Name: Heaven Can't Wait (Necroized)
No friends, no life, no love
I dont want to heaven, visit heaven above
I bust a gut at your prayers
My friends are right here: down in the black hole
Heaven can't wait, heaven can't wait, heaven still stinks
Track Name: Beancounters Of Satan's Menschenfiend
In aeturnal slumber, in contemplative hell
Smitten by the wrath of pandemoncy
Only the worst shall rise- only the most evil
Only the true masters of the nine levels of misery
only the demons who are most feared

Beancounters (necro seed)
beancounters (hell to feed)
beancounters (always bleed)
beancounters (permanent need)

When the meek have all died from poorness
the beancounters shall inherit the black earth
Track Name: As Fire Swept Clean The Cat
I return home
in need of relaxation
I put on my copy of Born To Run
and I leave to make a sandwich

Words sound slow/is it the wrong speed/I think I know/who commited this misdeed

Race to the turntable
lighter in hand
I sit and watch
As fire swept clean the cat
Track Name: Satan's Sons (Shimanoized)
Massive perversion of the shifting cog
pandemoncy burns in my spandex shorts
Ave shimano, ave satanas
Track Name: War! Speed And Pizza
Dark Seed
Come to me
Dark Seed
Come to me

Heed the call... yes, I do want mushrooms

Speed! And Pizza
Track Name: Raise The Banhammer
All my fellow warriors behold
All my fellow angries, for Lucifer

The threat of invasion is all too real
our enemy stands with decision
on my post about David Duchovny

Hammers of Fortune
The will to strength and strongness
Hammers of Banning
DDoS their host, and strike while its hot
Witness the Pounding
Their servers quake at our madness
Witness the Crashing
The other wiki is now silent

Stalwart sataners
We'll march on their root
Slaves of necrohack
Defy their authority
Track Name: Eternal Satan Of The Satanic War
Do not be afraid
the satan of hell awaits your commands
Do not be afraid
Your place is assured in the satanic war

In defence of satan\in defiance of satan/in deference of satan/in distance to satan

Your loyal command of dark funeral fans
will destroy this place
your loyal haters of anything commercial
have all got their bathory shirts on

In war towards satan/In contemplative necro satan/absturmer nuclear satan/I spit on your cross...
Track Name: At Dawn They Tweet
Hiding amidst the ruins
an omega man, I am
dust, disaster and hell
With a hammer of death I ride

In the day so quiet
In the night so horrid
In the day so nervous
In the night so afraid

Night must fall

Chaos and misery, the satanic sons spread their hell
I must fire upon them, must defend myself
I am struck down by 140 letters

Night does fall
The disease is coming closer
If I should fall
Know that I never succumbed